Duncan M. Hamilton books in order – New book list 03/2024

Duncan M. Hamilton is a fantasy author known for his compelling storytelling and intricate world-building. With a focus on high fantasy themes, he has written several books that have captivated readers with their richly imagined settings and complex characters.

Duncan M. Hamilton Books in Order

  1. The Wolf of the North (Wolf of the North #1)
  2. Jorundyr’s Path (Wolf of the North, #2)
  3. The Blood Debt (Wolf of the North #3)
  4. The Tattered Banner (Society of the Sword, #1)
  5. The Alpha Protocol (Alpha Protocol, #1)
  6. The Huntsman’s Amulet (Society of the Sword, #2)
  7. The Squire
  8. The Telastrian Song (Society of the Sword, #3)
  9. The Society of the Sword Trilogy
  10. Dragonslayer (Dragonslayer, #1)

Synopsis of Duncan M. Hamilton Books in Order

The Wolf of the North (Wolf of the North #1)

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Jorundyr’s Path (Wolf of the North, #2)

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The Blood Debt (Wolf of the North #3)

“The Blood Debt (Wolf of the North #3)” by Duncan M. Hamilton is a fantasy novel that continues the story of the protagonist, Wulfric, as he comes to terms with his destiny and grapples with the weight of familial obligations. As the final installment in the Wolf of the North trilogy, the book sees Wulfric facing an uncertain future as he must navigate the complex web of politics, alliances, and betrayal within the clans. In this thrilling conclusion, Wulfric takes on the challenge of freeing his people from the clutches of a powerful enemy while also seeking to uphold his family’s honor and maintain his own sense of identity.

The novel delves into themes of duty, sacrifice, and the struggle for power as Wulfric is forced to make difficult choices that will impact not only his own fate, but that of his people as well. Through the author’s vivid and immersive storytelling, readers are taken on a journey through a richly imagined world filled with intricate political machinations, fierce battles, and deep personal struggles. As Wulfric confronts his past and strives to forge his own path, the book offers a poignant exploration of the human experience and the challenges of leadership in the face of adversity.

With its compelling characters, gripping plot, and epic battles, “The Blood Debt” offers a satisfying conclusion to the Wolf of the North series, showcasing Hamilton’s talent for crafting immersive and emotionally resonant fantasy narratives. As Wulfric’s journey reaches its climax, the novel delivers a powerful and poignant exploration of the enduring themes of honor, duty, and the indomitable spirit of the human heart.

Overall, “The Blood Debt (Wolf of the North #3)” is a captivating and intricately woven tale that will appeal to fans of epic fantasy and immersive world-building. With its engaging characters, richly detailed setting, and gripping narrative, the book is a compelling conclusion to the trilogy that will leave readers eagerly anticipating Hamilton’s future works.

The Tattered Banner (Society of the Sword, #1)

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The Alpha Protocol (Alpha Protocol, #1)

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The Huntsman’s Amulet (Society of the Sword, #2)

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The Squire

“The Squire” by Duncan M. Hamilton is a fantasy novel that follows the story of a young squire, whose life is changed when he discovers a mysterious amulet. The squire, named Haern, sets off on a journey to uncover the secret of the amulet and learn about its magical powers. Along the way, he encounters various challenges and adversaries, testing his courage and determination. As Haern delves deeper into the world of magic and adventure, he discovers the true significance of the amulet and his own destiny.

The novel is filled with thrilling action sequences, magical encounters, and a richly imagined fantasy world. Through Haern’s journey, the author explores themes of destiny, courage, and the power of belief. As Haern navigates through the challenges and dangers that lie ahead, he also discovers more about himself and his potential as a powerful figure in the world of magic.

“The Squire” is a captivating and immersive fantasy novel that will appeal to fans of the genre. With its fast-paced narrative, well-developed characters, and intricate world-building, the book offers an exciting and compelling reading experience for fantasy enthusiasts. Throughout the story, Duncan M. Hamilton skillfully weaves together elements of mystery, adventure, and magic, creating a captivating tale that will leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment in the series.

The Telastrian Song (Society of the Sword, #3)

“The Telastrian Song (Society of the Sword, #3)” by Duncan M. Hamilton continues the thrilling fantasy saga of the Society of the Sword series. In this installment, the talented swordsman and protagonist, Sir Edmon, finds himself on a treacherous quest to uncover the truth of the mysterious Telastrian Song. As he delves into this ancient melody, Edmon faces a myriad of challenges and dangers, testing his skills and resolve as a warrior.

Hamilton masterfully weaves together a tale of magic, intrigue, and adventure, as Edmon navigates through a world filled with political scheming, powerful sorcery, and complex alliances. The story immerses readers into a richly detailed fantasy realm, filled with vivid characters and epic battles. As Edmon battles his way through the trials and tribulations of his journey, he uncovers the secrets of the Telastrian Song, and must make difficult choices that will impact the fate of the world.

“The Telastrian Song (Society of the Sword, #3)” is a gripping and captivating read that will enthrall fans of the fantasy genre. Hamilton’s masterful storytelling and compelling characters make for an engaging and unforgettable adventure that will leave readers eagerly awaiting the next installment in the series.

The Society of the Sword Trilogy

“The Society of the Sword Trilogy” by Duncan M. Hamilton is a fantasy series that follows the journey of a young man named soren. Soren is a talented swordsman who becomes embroiled in a complex and dangerous plot that threatens the stability of the kingdom. As he navigates political intrigue and battles against powerful enemies, Soren must also uncover the secrets of his own past and the true nature of his abilities. The trilogy is filled with epic battles, magical powers, and a richly imagined world that will captivate fans of epic fantasy.

The first book in the series, “The Tattered Banner,” introduces readers to Soren as he struggles to make a name for himself as a warrior in a society that values strength and skill with a sword. As he rises through the ranks and gains the attention of powerful figures, Soren becomes entangled in a web of deceit and power struggles that will shape the destiny of the kingdom. The second book, “The Huntsman’s Amulet,” sees Soren facing even greater challenges as he uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to plunge the kingdom into chaos. The final installment, “The Telastrian Song,” brings the trilogy to a thrilling conclusion as Soren confronts his destiny and battles against ancient forces that seek to destroy everything he holds dear.

Hamilton’s writing is immersive and engaging, drawing readers into a world filled with vivid characters, intricate plots, and stunning action sequences. “The Society of the Sword Trilogy” is a must-read for fans of epic fantasy and anyone looking for a thrilling adventure with a compelling hero at its center.

Dragonslayer (Dragonslayer, #1)

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Who is Duncan M. Hamilton

Welcome to my page! I’m Duncan, a fantasy and science fiction author from Ireland. I blend my passion for Medieval and Renaissance history with the freedom of fantasy environments to create fast-paced heroic fantasy adventures with compelling characters and high stakes—exactly the types of stories that I love to read, so I hope you’ll like them too. You can find more of my online hangouts and my work at the links below. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter if you want to keep up to date on all my news and new releases!

I’m thrilled to announce my most recent trilogy with Tor, Dragonslayer – a heroic fantasy tale about redemption, revenge, and megalomania. Oh, and dragons. Plenty of dragons! The entire trilogy – Dragonslayer, Knight of the Silver Circle, and Servant of the Crown – is now out in the wild and available to purchase. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

My next trilogy is already well underway, and I have a couple of new projects that occur in different worlds (and genres!) that I’m very excited about and hope to start releasing this coming Spring 2021.

If that’s too long to wait, then please check out my other books, all of which are currently available!

Society of the Sword

The Tattered Banner was one of Buzzfeed’s 12 Greatest Fantasy Books of 2013! In a world where magic is outlawed, ability with a sword is prized above all else. For Soren, this means the chance to live out his dreams. Plucked from a life of poverty, he is given a coveted place at Ostenheim’s Academy of Swordsmanship, an opportunity beyond belief. Opportunity is not always what it seems, however, and gifts rarely come without conditions. Soren becomes an unwitting pawn in a game of intrigue and treachery that could cost him not just his dreams, but also his life.

Wolf of the North

It has been generations since the Northlands have seen a hero worthy of the title. Many have made the claim, but few have lived to defend it. Timid, weak, and bullied, Wulfric is as unlikely a candidate as there could be. A chance encounter with an ancient and mysterious object awakens a latent gift, and Wulfric’s life changes course. Against a backdrop of war, tragedy, and an enemy whose hatred for him knows no bounds, Wulfric will be forged from a young boy into the Wolf of the North. This is his tale.

If that’s not enough, I have a standalone novel and some shorter work to give you a taste of what I write. You can get a free digital copy of the Marcher Lord if you sign up for my newsletter!

Author Duncan M. Hamilton

In conclusion, the books by Duncan M. Hamilton showcase his ability to create vivid and engrossing fantasy worlds with richly developed characters and intricate plots. Through his works, readers can glean ideological lessons about power, ambition, loyalty, and the consequences of one’s actions. Hamilton’s storytelling and world-building skills have garnered him a dedicated fan base, and his books continue to captivate readers with their imaginative, thought-provoking narratives.

FAQs about author Duncan M. Hamilton

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