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Julia Donaldson is a prolific children’s author known for her engaging and imaginative stories. She has written over 70 books, many of which feature themes of friendship, adventure, and the importance of kindness. Her books have captivated young readers all over the world and have been translated into numerous languages.

Julia Donaldson Books in Order

  1. The Gruffalo (Gruffalo, #1)
  2. Room on the Broom
  3. The Gruffalo’s Child
  4. The Snail and the Whale
  5. Stick Man
  6. A Squash and a Squeeze
  7. The Smartest Giant in Town
  8. Where’s My Mom?
  9. Zog
  10. Charlie Cook’s Favorite Book

Summary of Julia Donaldson Books in Order

The Gruffalo (Gruffalo, #1)

“The Gruffalo” by Julia Donaldson is a children’s book that tells the story of a clever mouse who outsmarts various predators in the deep, dark woods by pretending to be friends with a fearsome creature called the Gruffalo. As the mouse embarks on a journey through the forest, encountering dangerous animals such as a fox, an owl, and a snake, it uses its wit and intelligence to avoid being eaten. When the mouse describes the Gruffalo as a terrifying beast with sharp claws and terrible teeth, it never expects to come face to face with the creature itself.

The book features vibrant illustrations by Axel Scheffler and is written in a rhyming, rhythmic style that engages young readers. With its message of courage and cleverness, “The Gruffalo” has become a beloved classic in children’s literature, captivating audiences with its entertaining storyline and lovable characters. The story teaches children the value of using their wits to navigate through challenging situations and problem-solving skills to outsmart potential dangers.

“The Gruffalo” has received widespread acclaim for its engaging storytelling, memorable characters, and captivating illustrations. The book has won numerous awards and is celebrated for its ability to entertain and educate young readers. With its timeless appeal, “The Gruffalo” continues to be a popular choice for parents, teachers, and children alike, making it a must-read for anyone looking for an entertaining and heartwarming story.

Room on the Broom

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The Gruffalo’s Child

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The Snail and the Whale

“The Snail and the Whale” is a charming children’s book written by Julia Donaldson. The story follows a tiny snail who longs to see the world and hitches a ride on the tail of a great big, grey-blue humpback whale. As the whale travels around the world, the snail tells him about the things she sees, and in return, the whale shares his own stories with the snail. Together, the two adventurers have amazing experiences and see incredible sights, from icebergs and volcanoes to tropical islands and golden beaches.

However, one day, the whale becomes beached in a bay, and it is up to the clever little snail to save her friend. She comes up with a clever plan to get help, using the ink from her pen to write a message on the beach that ultimately leads to the rescue of the stranded whale. The story is a heartwarming tale of friendship, courage, and the ability of even the smallest creatures to make a big difference.

“The Snail and the Whale” is a beautifully illustrated and rhyming story that teaches children about the magic of travel and the importance of friendship, while also emphasizing the idea that even the tiniest of creatures can have a big impact on the world around them. With its positive message and engaging storyline, this book is sure to captivate young readers and inspire their imaginations.

Stick Man

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A Squash and a Squeeze

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The Smartest Giant in Town

“The Smartest Giant in Town” by Julia Donaldson tells the story of George, a giant who loves to dress up in fancy clothes and look smart. One day, George uses his giant-sized wardrobe to help others in need. He gives away his clothes to various animals who are in need of warmth and shelter. Despite feeling chilly and unfashionable, George knows that helping others is more important. In the end, the animals and townspeople come together to show their gratefulness by returning the favor to George.

The book teaches children about the value of kindness, generosity, and helping others in need. It also emphasizes the importance of inner beauty and compassion over material possessions. Through colorful illustrations and engaging storytelling, the book encourages young readers to consider the impact of their actions on others and to prioritize empathy and selflessness.

Overall, “The Smartest Giant in Town” is a heartwarming and uplifting tale that promotes important moral lessons for children. It encourages readers to think about the true meaning of being smart and how small acts of kindness can make a big difference in the lives of others.

Where’s My Mom?

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Zog is a charming children’s book written by Julia Donaldson. The story follows a young dragon named Zog who attends a school for dragons where he learns all the skills a dragon needs to succeed in the world. However, he struggles with some of the more challenging tasks, but with the help of a kind princess, Zog learns that there’s more to life than just breathing fire and capturing princesses.

The book is filled with colorful illustrations and engaging rhymes, making it an enjoyable read for young children. The story promotes themes of friendship, kindness, and the importance of trying your best, even when things are difficult. Zog is a heartwarming tale that teaches children valuable lessons while entertaining them with its adventurous plot.

Julia Donaldson’s storytelling and Axel Scheffler’s illustrations come together to create a magical world that captivates young readers. Zog is a delightful book that will capture the imagination of children and leave them feeling inspired by Zog’s determination and the power of friendship.

Charlie Cook’s Favorite Book

“Charlie Cook’s Favorite Book” by Julia Donaldson is a delightful children’s book about a boy named Charlie Cook who loves to read. The story takes readers on a journey through various books that Charlie enjoys, each containing its own unique and exciting story. As Charlie reads, the book cleverly weaves together different tales into one cohesive narrative, blending elements of adventure, mystery, and fantasy. This book celebrates the joy of reading and the magic of storytelling, making it a wonderful and entertaining read for children and adults alike.

The book features playful rhymes and colorful illustrations by illustrator Axel Scheffler, adding to the charm and whimsy of the story. Through its engaging storytelling and lively illustrations, “Charlie Cook’s Favorite Book” encourages young readers to explore the world of literature and discover the joy of reading. The book celebrates the power of imagination and the endless possibilities found within the pages of a good book.

As the story unfolds, readers will be captivated by the clever way in which the different tales intertwine and come together to form a cohesive and satisfying conclusion. “Charlie Cook’s Favorite Book” is a heartwarming celebration of the magic and wonder of literature, making it a beloved choice for bedtime reading or storytime. With its engaging narrative and vibrant artwork, the book has captured the hearts of readers around the world and continues to be a cherished favorite among children and parents.

Who is Julia Donaldson

I grew up in a bustling Victorian London household with a large, loving family and a mischievous cat named Geoffrey, who we believed was a prince in disguise. My sister Mary and I were always lost in our own world, creating imaginary characters and acting out scenes. We were fortunate to have a wind-up gramophone playing beautiful Chopin waltzes in the background.

My passion for drama and French led me to Bristol University, where I met and fell in love with Malcolm, a guitar-playing medic who is now my husband. Before starting a family, Malcolm and I enjoyed busking together and I even wrote unique songs for each country we visited. This eventually led to a singing and songwriting career, mainly for children’s television.

I’ve written numerous songs for television, including “A Squash and a Squeeze,” which was later turned into a book by illustrator Axel Scheffler. This success inspired me to unearth some of the plays I had written for a school reading group, and since then I’ve had 20 plays published. One of my most notable works is “The Gruffalo,” which was illustrated by Axel and has become a beloved children’s classic.

I have a deep love for writing verse, though it can be quite challenging. My novel “The Giants and the Joneses” is set to be adapted into a film, and I’ve also written three books about the mischievous “Princess Mirror-Belle.” In addition to writing, I also enjoy performing at book festivals and theatres, often including the children in the audience in the storytelling and singing.

It’s been a journey filled with creativity and imagination, and it feels like I’ve come full circle – back to my roots of busking and performing, but this time with my husband and a lot more stories to tell.

Author Julia Donaldson

In conclusion, Julia Donaldson’s books are a treasure trove of imaginative storytelling and captivating illustrations that not only entertain children but also impart valuable lessons about friendship, acceptance, and perseverance. Her stories often feature unlikely friendships and emphasize the importance of kindness, empathy, and compassion, teaching young readers the value of embracing differences and working together. Donaldson’s ability to weave important ideological messages into her engaging narratives makes her books both a delightful reading experience and a valuable educational tool for children as they navigate the complexities of the world around them.

FAQs about author Julia Donaldson

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