Olivia Gates books in order – New book list 03/2024

Olivia Gates is a prolific author known for writing emotionally charged and passionate romance novels. With over 30 books to her name, her writing explores the themes of love, passion, and redemption, captivating readers with her deep and compelling storytelling.

Olivia Gates Books in Order

  1. The Sarantos Secret Baby (Sarantos Brothers, #1)
  2. The Desert Lord’s Baby (Throne of Judar #1)
  3. The Desert King (Throne of Judar #3)
  4. To Tame a Sheikh (Pride Of Zohayd #1)
  5. To Touch a Sheikh (Pride of Zohayd, #3)
  6. The Desert Lord’s Bride (Throne of Judar, #2)
  7. To Tempt a Sheikh (Pride Of Zohayd, #2)
  8. Billionaire, M.D.
  9. Temporarily His Princess (Married by Royal Decree, #1)
  10. The Once And Future Prince (Castaldini Crown, #1)

Summary of Olivia Gates Books in Order

The Sarantos Secret Baby (Sarantos Brothers, #1)

“The Sarantos Secret Baby” by Olivia Gates is the first book in the Sarantos Brothers series. The story revolves around wealthy hotelier Evan Sarantos and his one-night stand with a beautiful woman named Cassandra. After their passionate encounter, Cassandra disappears, leaving Evan with no way to contact her. However, several weeks later, Cassandra reappears and reveals that she is pregnant with Evan’s child. As the two navigate the complexities of their unexpected situation, they also grapple with their own family histories and the difficulties of their pasts.

The novel explores themes of love, family, and forgiveness as Evan and Cassandra learn to trust each other and build a future together. Despite their initial obstacles, the couple ultimately finds a way to overcome their differences and embrace the possibility of a new beginning. Through heartfelt and emotional storytelling, Olivia Gates crafts a compelling narrative that captures the complexities of love and the power of second chances.

With its compelling storyline and engaging characters, “The Sarantos Secret Baby” offers readers a captivating romance filled with passion, drama, and the pursuit of happily ever after. Olivia Gates delivers a heartwarming tale of love and redemption that will resonate with fans of contemporary romance.

The Desert Lord’s Baby (Throne of Judar #1)

“The Desert Lord’s Baby (Throne of Judar #1)” by Olivia Gates follows the story of Prince Zayed Al Nayhham, a powerful and enigmatic ruler of the desert kingdom of Judar. When Zayed meets the alluring Kimberly Reed, an American journalist, their passionate encounter results in an unexpected pregnancy. As they navigate the complexity of their developing relationship against the backdrop of royal politics, Zayed must confront his fears and insecurities in order to embrace the possibility of building a future with Kimberly and their child.

The novel delves into themes of duty, honor, and the transformative power of love, as Zayed and Kimberly grapple with the challenges of their unconventional romance. Olivia Gates weaves a compelling tale of passion and commitment, exploring the tension between tradition and modernity in the context of a royal romance. As the couple faces various trials and tribulations, they must confront their own vulnerabilities and learn to trust in the strength of their connection in order to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of their happiness.

“The Desert Lord’s Baby” is a captivating and emotional story that offers a glimpse into the opulent world of royalty and the complexities of love. Gates skillfully portrays the inner turmoil and growth of her characters, creating a compelling narrative that enthralls readers with its intensity and heartfelt emotion.

The Desert King (Throne of Judar #3)

“The Desert King” by Olivia Gates is the third book in the Throne of Judar series. The story follows the powerful Sheikh Sharif and his unexpected reunion with Isla Philips. After being kidnapped and held captive for two years, Isla is finally free and has returned to her small town in Texas. However, Sheikh Sharif has come to claim her as his bride, as she is promised to him in a marriage arranged by her late father.

Isla is torn between her feelings for Sheikh Sharif and her desire for independence. As she navigates the complexities of their relationship, she faces the challenge of fitting into a world of luxury and tradition that is foreign to her. Meanwhile, Sharif must confront his own demons and insecurities as he seeks to win Isla’s love and trust. As they navigate their tumultuous romance, they must also confront outside forces that threaten to tear them apart.

The story is filled with passion, drama, and emotional depth as Isla and Sheikh Sharif navigate their complicated relationship and strive to find a balance between love, duty, and personal freedom. Olivia Gates’ writing captivates readers with its richly detailed setting and compelling characters, making “The Desert King” a thoroughly engaging and satisfying read.

To Tame a Sheikh (Pride Of Zohayd #1)

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To Touch a Sheikh (Pride of Zohayd, #3)

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The Desert Lord’s Bride (Throne of Judar, #2)

“The Desert Lord’s Bride (Throne of Judar, #2)” is a romance novel by Olivia Gates. The story follows the lives of Prince Zafir and Serena, who are brought together by an arranged marriage. Serena is a nurse who ends up in Zafir’s kingdom after a traumatic incident. The two have to navigate their new arrangement while facing their own personal challenges and past traumas. As they struggle to find common ground, they uncover secrets and face obstacles that test their connection. Throughout the story, the characters experience personal growth and find love in unexpected places.

The book delves into themes of love, trust, and healing as the characters learn to open up to each other. It explores the complexities of an arranged marriage and the difficulties of reconciling personal desires with duty and tradition. The story is set in a richly detailed desert kingdom, adding an element of exoticism to the romance. The novel offers a blend of passionate romance, emotional depth, and dramatic plot twists as the characters strive to find happiness and fulfillment.

“The Desert Lord’s Bride” is the second book in the “Throne of Judar” series, and it continues the saga of the royal family in a fictional Middle Eastern kingdom. Olivia Gates’ writing style is engaging and brings the setting and characters to life, making it a compelling read for fans of contemporary romance with a touch of exotic allure. With its blend of intense emotions, romantic tension, and vivid storytelling, the novel offers an immersive reading experience for those looking for a captivating love story in an exotic setting.

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To Tempt a Sheikh (Pride Of Zohayd, #2)

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Billionaire, M.D.

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Temporarily His Princess (Married by Royal Decree, #1)

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The Once And Future Prince (Castaldini Crown, #1)

“The Once And Future Prince” by Olivia Gates tells the story of Prince Nico as he returns home to the fictional kingdom of Castaldini after a devastating accident and a period of rehabilitation. The kingdom is in turmoil, and he must step up and take his place as the future ruler. However, his return also brings him face to face with Talia, a childhood friend who is now all grown up and has her own secrets and desires. As they work together to save Castaldini, they must also confront their feelings for each other and the obstacles that stand in the way of their happiness.

Throughout the book, the themes of duty, honor, and love are explored as Prince Nico and Talia navigate the complex political landscape and their own personal histories. The book is a romantic and heartwarming tale of second chances and finding love in unexpected places, set against the backdrop of royalty and intrigue. With well-developed characters and a captivating plot, “The Once And Future Prince” is a compelling read for fans of royal romances and contemporary fiction.

Olivia Gates skillfully weaves together the elements of romance, drama, and political intrigue in “The Once And Future Prince,” creating a story that is both engaging and emotionally resonant. The book is the first installment in the Castaldini Crown series and sets the stage for future novels that continue the saga of the kingdom and its inhabitants. Overall, “The Once And Future Prince” offers a satisfying blend of passion, adventure, and heartwarming moments, making it a must-read for fans of the romance genre.

Biography Olivia Gates

Hello, I’m a USA TODAY Bestselling Author with 45 books under my belt in various genres such as Contemporary Romance, Medical Romance, Medical Action Thrillers, and Paranormal Romance. I’m also excited to announce that I will be delving into the fantasy genre in my upcoming works. One thing that will always remain constant in my books is the presence of central romances that are all-consuming and leave readers breathless and begging for more. I love connecting with my readers, so please feel free to reach out to me here on Goodreads and be sure to sign up for my VIP Mailing List on my website for updates on my latest news, special content, and offerings. My newest series, the Dr. Angelica Mortmain novels, is a heart-pounding medical action thriller with a scorching central romance, starting with LETHAL TREATMENT, available now. Happy reading to all!

Author Olivia Gates

Overall, the books by Olivia Gates follow a compelling and emotional journey of love, passion, and redemption. Each story intricately weaves powerful ideologies of forgiveness, trust, and second chances, portraying the complexities of human relationships and the transformative power of love. The author’s ability to delve deep into the emotional depth of her characters and their respective journeys allows for a resonating and thought-provoking narrative that captivates readers and leaves a lasting impression.

FAQs about author Olivia Gates

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